Finding Architectz Inside a Handbook

The volume "Handbook of Leadership - Theory and Practice" (published in Jan 2010) resulted from a colloquium that was organized as part of the centennial celebrations of Harvard Business School in June 2009. 

"At a time when societies around the world are crying out for more and better leadership, when our current leaders (especially in business, but also in government and other spheres of public life) have lost legitimacy, questions are being asked, sometime angrily, of the institutions that school these leaders: What kinds of leaders are these institutions developing that have caused so much hardship for so many? Are these institutions developing leaders who have the competence and character necessary to lead the web of complex institutions that have become so vital to the collective health of modern societies?"

Architects of Group Genius had the priviledge to be involved in the co-design, production and facilitation of the convivium.

The book captures the point of view of authors who typically reside in different discipline, including:

  • Greg Brandeau (Pixar Animation Studios)
  • prof. Jay Lorsch (Harvard Business School)
  • Joel M. Podolny (Apple University)
  • prof. Joseph S. Nye, Jr. (Harvard Kennedy School of Government)
  • prof. Linda Hill (Harvard Business School)
  • prof. Manfred Kets de Vries (INSEAD)
  • Maurizio Travaglini (Architects Of Group Genius)
  • prof. Michael Porter (Harvard Business School)
  • prof. Nitin Nohria (Harvard Business School)
  • prof. Rakesh Khurana (Harvard Business School)
  • prof. Scott Snook (Harvard Business School)

Maurizio Travaglini (one of Architectz’ managing partner) is the co-author of chapter 21, Unlocking the Slices of Genius in Your Organization: Leading for Innovation written with Linda A. Hill (Harvard Business School), Greg Brandeau (Pixar Animation Studios), and Emily Stecker (Harvard Business School).


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