We are not architects, but we have helped organizations create permanent spaces dedicated to innovation, learning, and collaboration. We understand the characteristics that are essential to an effective workspace and the ones that must be flexible for requirements that might change over time. Focusing on innovation, collaboration, and learning, we have an informed point of view on what a 21st century workplace needs to be, the social life it has to facilitate, and the tools it must offer.


We have a peculiar perspective on architecture: we call it “the architecture of collaboration.” It is about the way physical architecture coheres with social architecture, process architecture, content architecture, and digital architecture. We study, research, and experiment within these five architectures, and we continuously embed the latest learning in our practice.

When an organization asks us to collaborate with architects to design a new space, we approach the mission as all others. But there is a difference in our intellectual posture, as we have a specific expertise in the art of collaboration and have demonstrated we can help create a space that allows people to be at their best, perform to their maximum, work with others, learn, create, innovate, and thrive.

In our view, it is not just about the physical architecture: it is the architecture of collaboration that matters and makes a difference.

We have led groundbreaking consulting missions to create these collaborative work and learning environments:

Davos Workspace
World Economic Forum
Geneva | design: Matt Taylor

Innovation and Learning Center
Alès Groupe
Milan | design: Matt Taylor

UniCredit Innovation and Learning Center
Turin | design: Matt Taylor

Volkswagen Group Third Place
Volkswagen Group Marketing
Berlin | design: Architects of Group Genius

Harvard Business School FIELD ‘Hives’
Harvard Business School
Boston | design: Shepley Bulfinch

Harvard biz school’s extreme makeover
Fortune, June 2011

Educating Business Leaders for a Global Century
Harvard Magazine, September-October 2011

Reimagining the MBA
Alumni Bulletin, Harvard Business School, December 2011

Welcome to the Future
Alumni Bulletin, Harvard Business School, December 2011

Field of dreams, Harvard Business School reinvents its MBA course
The Economist, December 2011

Harvard Business School for the Facebook Age
Fast Company, May 2012

Harvard Innovation Lab
Harvard University
Boston | design: Shepley Bulfinch

Harvard Launches Innovation Incubator
Harvard Business School, October 2010

“Hi” to the Harvard Innovation Lab
Harvard Magazine, November 2011

Off to torrid start, Harvard i-Lab marks its first year
The Boston Globe, November 2012

Take a tour of Harvard’s i-Lab, February 2013

Bridgespan Head Office
The Bridgespan Group
Boston| design: CBT Architects

An Open Office Experiment That Actually Worked
Harvard Business Review, October 2014

CBT Receives IFMA Best Practice Award
CBT Website, May 2015

GE’s John F. Welch Leadership Center
General Electric
Crotonville | design: Perkins Eastman

Four Acres Singapore
Singapore | design: DP Architects

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