We are expanding our consulting practice and need a few new people to join our core team in Milan.
We are not the usual consultants… so we are not focused on any usual profile.

While everyone in our team performs in multiple roles— from consultant to producer; from activity designer to content researcher; from knowledge worker to artist — we are specifically looking for three individuals with different talents and interests:

• A person who loves “the world of words:” writing, researching, exploring new concepts, playing with unusual narratives, making sense of an experience through text.
In an original and personal way.

• A person who feels comfortable in a world made of visual arts, lively graphics, and animated webpages. Someone who likes playing both with the stroke of an old-fashion brush and with digital lines, shapes, and colors.
A true hybrid.

• A person who enjoys capturing reality through images and videos. Someone who can’t resist narrating an experience through different types of screens, pictures, clips, snapshots.
And sounds!

Working with us implies that you have:
• between 20 and 30 years – people who joined us at an “early stage” of their professional development did particularly well.
• the willingness to move across roles, boundaries and rules
• the generosity to offer help “whenever, whatever”
• the wisdom to accept both the enthusiasm of creative, collaborative work… and the hardship that comes with it
• a good relationship with the English language
• French and Spanish are “nice to have” (90% of our projects are outside Italy)
• a place to live in Milan: we enjoy working in person every day in our DesignStudio, and having a good lunch together around our communal table
• the will to travel: sometimes we spend ten days in Canada, a full week in Paris, five days in Boston or Barcelona, Tel Aviv or Abu Dhabi…

About us
We conceive, design, produce, facilitate, and document large-scale, immersive, collaborative experiences that, over 3 to 5 days, allow groups of 25 to 150 people to co-design a new strategy or a new approach, and to deal with the most critical challenges their organization/community is facing.

Our small team works for some of the most admired organizations and academic institutions in the world.
Over the last 19 years, we have worked in 33 countries on 5 continents.

Our Leadership Development Programs, DesignShops, Online Workshops are often described as fundamental milestones in the evolution of an organization, and one of the deepest learning experiences for the participants.

This happens because we work creatively and tirelessly to reinvent our own approach and to bring “the work” at a deeper level.
We experiment and play and strive to continuously learn and do new.
We constantly push to bring the impact, meaning, quality of our work “one notch up.”

If what you read so far makes you curious about working with us, write to giordana.vilardi@architectz.eu
and share something about you (any format/mean/tool will be welcome).

We would like to get to know you… starting from ‘Who you are,’ ‘What you love,’ ‘What you are good at.’
If you want, you may add an example of your work.

Worth trying?

You can learn more about us here: