Sometimes a Shift is needed in the life of organizations, communities, or whole
eco-systems. Because the context is changing. Because a new possibility is appearing. Because a new leader or a new team needs to start operating quickly. Because a crisis or a threat is approaching. Because something, or someone, is stuck.

Our role is about facilitating Shifts in thinking, knowing, and doing.

As consultants, we operate within the blurred boundaries of domains which are often mysterious: innovation, change, learning, and collaboration.
We perform our role in a very unusual way. We do not design solutions: we create a structure for the emergence of novelty. Novelty that has the power to shift organizations and individuals towards new solutions, new strategies, new learnings. New Matters.


Is a major Shift needed? Are small, subtle Shifts going to unlock the potential of an organization, a community, or individuals?

In order to enable a Shift, one has to reflect on stuckness. When individuals, organizations, or communities get stuck in a less-than-ideal situation, when they struggle to find a way forward, when they are swamped in a sea of data and opinions, when novelty is a thing of the past, when more work only produces “more of the same”… then a Shift is needed.

Our role does not involve “answering questions on behalf of others.” Our role is to reignite the dialogue, reinvigorate the learning, and renew the engagement. We design and build a structure for the emergence of novelty. This structure includes a physical, social, and intellectual space that allows the group to consider and understand “what matters,” “what’s new,” and “what we can create together.”

This understanding is what creates a Shift in focus, energy, and attitude.

A Shift is what allows a new solution-strategy-idea-policy-product-service to become a reality due to the contribution of everyone involved. When everyone becomes part of the solution, this is when we see Group Genius at work.

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