The reward of great practice is practice itself.

Architects of Group Genius is a practice, not a business. As such, we attract people who believe that “learning” and “development” are the real currency.
Working in Architects of Group Genius means learning about a totally different way to facilitate change and innovation, becoming an expert in the process of inventing, exploring different disciplines, and adapting to very different cultures.


The members of our core team have very different backgrounds (from anthropology to industrial design, from economics to architecture, from mathematics to video art, from business management to writing) but they are very similar in a few important aspects:

A service attitude > every team member is there to help and serve others, in the most selfless way
An allergy to compromise > they do not settle for something that does not feel right or complete
The ability to deepen and expand > whatever their experience or point of departure, every member of the team is invited to move their understanding to a deeper layer, to experiment in new ways, and to step beyond their comfort zone
The willingness to find their true voice > through practice, research, and experimentation, every team member is invited to find their unique way to express their talent in every aspect of their work.

Our teams are extremely fluid and change according to the nature of the work we are asked to perform. We have a strong, small core team, a collection of people with very different backgrounds. We also rely on a larger group of experienced professionals who join us whenever a bigger team is needed.

As we design, produce, and facilitate a Lab, our team must be able to perform the following activities:

• Consulting process, design, and management
• Process facilitation and coordination
• Content research
• Content reframing and management
• Storytelling and script writing
• Collaborative session design
• Communication design, execution, and transformation
• Environment design and transformation
• Multimedia “super powers” management
• Photography as art and documentation
• Applied graphic arts and info-graphics
• Video art and editing
• Web-based interaction design and facilitation
• Social media experimentation

Before you consider working with us, be aware of one thing: you will work harder than you can imagine, probably harder than anyone you know, even harder than anyone you will ever know. Innovation is hard work – it is the hardest work. While the rewards are immense (it is extraordinary to help people create something new), the efforts are of the same magnitude.
Watch this short video (password: vibes) – it tells you how we see life and work in Architects of Group Genius. Then, if you still think that this is a good idea, write to Giordana at arx@architectz.eu
She can answer your questions and start a dialogue.

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