Sometimes we begin and end a project through an online Jam Session that leverages the collective wisdom of the whole organization or community. Our online Jam Sessions are short (normally three days) and involve thousands of people in a facilitated discussion about the most important matters for the life of the organization or community. “Everyone speaks,” “Everyone listens,” “Everyone has a chance to understand together.”


Most online collaborative efforts fail. Our online Jam Sessions work. We have developed an approach to these short and intense large-scale communication projects that combines facilitation, communication, real-time sensemaking graphics, and the logic of social networks.

The aim is not decision making: the aim is “understanding the context” and “engaging people in a wider and deeper conversation.”

The learning that emerges in the online Jam Session is embedded in the work that a smaller group will do inside a Lab. The outcome is then shared with the whole online community.

We have designed, produced, facilitated, and documented online Jam Sessions for these organizations:

2009 > Fiat Group
World Class Manufacturing – World Class Integration
2800 online participants

2010 > Fiat Group
World Class Manufacturing²
5000 online participants

2010 > Bocconi Alumni Association
Just Add Water
700 online participants

2011 > Bip. Business Integration Partners
The Future of Consulting
300 online participants

2012 > The Bridgespan Group
Becoming Multipliers
100 online participants

2013 > Cure Brain Cancer Foundation
Global Brain Exchange Virtual Hub
28 online participants

2014 > JAFI – The Jewish Agency for Israel
Securing a Thriving Jewish Future
2100 online participants

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