MaurizioMaurizio Travaglini

My role is to create a physical, social and intellectual space that allows people to do their best work, while learning more about their ‘best self.’

I play this role as a consultant, as I lead my team in designing, producing, facilitating, and documenting collaborative co-design experiences for 50 to 150 people whose organization or community is facing challenges at the crossroads of strategy, leadership, innovation, and change. I have designed and facilitated over 200 of these Labs in more than 30 countries, across 5 continents, helping all kinds of teams address a variety of strategic, complex and wicked problems. These Labs take place in a space designed to enhance collaboration, where participants work together full time for three to five days. These full immersions yield three main outcomes: 1. a solution, and/or a new concept, and/or a set of experiments that represent a new possibility for the organization; 2. a new connection between the participants, who learn to work together in a far more productive manner; and 3. individual development in areas that impact a person’s leadership and his/her capacity to innovate and lead for innovation.

In 2003 I founded Architects Of Group Genius in Milan as the vehicle through which I deliver this work. My team is made up of 10 full-time staff, plus a network of 15 professionals across Europe and the U.S. Over the past 13 years, we have worked for the CEOs, Board Members and Executives of some of the most admired organizations in the world, including Acumen, Art Basel, Audi, The Bridgespan Group, Ferrero, Fiat-Chrysler, General Electric, Harvard Business School, Harvard Innovation Lab, Independent Sector, London Business School, Massachusetts General Hospital, Media Development Investment Fund, OECD, Shepley Bulfinch, Telia Sonera, UniCredit, Unilever, Volkswagen Group, and the World Economic Forum.

Since 2014, I have taught in the Executive Education Department of the Harvard University Graduate School of Design (GSD), as the Academic Lead of the Leadership and Design Thinking Program and the IndyProject Program (the latter is part of the GSD’s Advanced Management Development Program). Since 2015, I have served as Adjunct Faculty Member and Academic Lead for Leadership, Learning and Innovation in the Executive DBA Program of the Ècole des Ponts Business School in Paris.

In 2016 I participated as a Forum Fellow at the Davos Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum.

I am the co-author of Unlocking the Slices of Genius in Your Organization, part of the Harvard Business School centennial publication Handbook of Leadership Theory and Practice (2010); my co-authors for this publication are Professor Linda Hill (Harvard Business School), Greg Brandeau (CIO of PIXAR Animation Studios), and Emily Stecker (MIT).

Before founding Architects of Group Genius, I spent 15 years working abroad in Paris, Brussels, Madrid, London, Geneva, and Montreal. During these years I served as Director of the World Economic Forum Davos Annual Meeting Program, and spent over a decade in management and consulting roles at Nokia, J.P. Morgan, and Accenture. I hold a degree in Economics and Business Management from Bocconi University in Milan, and I am fluent in Italian, English, Spanish, and French. I am a yoga practitioner, the finisher of two Ironman races, and I have completed “The End of the World Marathon” in Antarctica.


Andrea Ghisalberti

To me, providing a tangible shape to a new venture means combining beauty and content, order and evolution. This is where I find meaning, and this is what I do.

I love to start from the beginning: the first trip, the first meeting with the sponsor team, the first visit to a possible venue for the Laboratory, and the early difficulties. Ideal conditions for a project are unlikely to exist: I’ve learned not to consider limits and obstacles as a problem, but as the unique available opportunity to let a project grow. Taking some risks.

The moment we gather 50 (or 800) people in a room is the peak of a process which started way earlier. Creating a Laboratory is often a job that is discreet and hardly visible, though necessary in every single specific aspect to create that intellectual, social, physical and digital space that allows participants to experiment in an unconventional way, within a safe and inclusive environment.

Often, I lead the production of a project from its early stage, following the organizational, managerial, financial, operational and logistical details with a healthy sense of obsession. These aspects are always essential for the facilitation team to start building the right space, different every time, that will meet the participants’ needs and the purpose of the project.

Together with the team, I commit myself to make a harmonious relationship between structure, process, aesthetics, dynamics, and content emerge, from the first stage of the communication process until the content’s final reprocessing.

Through conversations and exchanges with the team members, I contribute to designing the laboratories’ activities, which are the outcome of a collective thinking developed thanks to the sum of our differences.

By co-facilitating the working groups during the Laboratory, I am able to better perceive what difficulties and challenges the participants are tackling, and therefore to better coordinate the facilitation team in its efficiency and, in some way, ‘’elegance’’ in its availability to serve them. This awareness also allows me to do what I feel is the right use of other facilitation tools, such as music and images.

I am Senior Consultant for Architects of Group Genius. Since 2006, I produced, co-designed and co-facilitated more than 100 laboratories in 15 different countries over 5 continents, 6 languages and many more cultures.

I hold a Degree in Economics and Business Administration. Since the first university years I aspired to deepen my knowledge of the greatest modern revolution we are living through—the digital one—and around this exploration I took the first steps of my profession, before landing in Architects.
I love to observe the details, even the less obvious, within the social processes, I keep traveling, and I try to always remain a little uncomfortable.


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